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June Holidays in Seletar

Posted by susanamy on May 20, 2008

Events are filling up the days in June to make the school holidays memorable. Check out Sabine and Isabelle’s websites for detailed information on their holiday workshops. And don’t forget the fair at the Orientus Resort – inside Seletar Camp at Mornington Crescent – on the 14th of June. We’ll be sending flyers around with all the June events, but in case you don’t get one, email Sue at

Even the days without events are always fun in Seletar! Just come and take a stroll around this unique corner of Singapore. See how many different birds you can spot, how many wild and cultivated flowers and plants and trees there are and how many small planes you can see taking off. Talk to residents and ask them about their experiences of living in this natural wonderland. Seletar – a great community, history, nature – so much to offer!

June Calendar

Date & Time    Event and description                                  Location

27th May Tues    Introduction to Printmaking 7-12 yrs, 2pm    Isabelle
30th May Fri    Petites Vitrines    Sabine
31st May Sat    Ceramics workshop    Steven
1st June Sun    Ceramics workshop    Steven
2nd June Mon    Petites Vitrines    Sabine
3rd June Tues    Print your Book, for 7 to 12 years old 2pm  Isabelle
Petites Vitrines 9-12pm Sabine
Open House 12.30   Sabine
8th June Sun    Ceramics workshop    Steven
10th June Tues, 2pm    Fun with Paints, for 5 years and older    Isabelle
14th June Sat    Seletar fair, fun games competitions and flea market at Orientus. BBQ at Beavers restaurant, children eat for free!    Community- Sue 91057778
17th June Tues, 2pm    Design your own Notebook, for 7 to 12 years old


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Welcome to the Seletar Chronicle Online!

Posted by sueamy on November 27, 2007

For all of you who made it from the paper Chronicle to the online Chronicle, Welcome! Yes, this site is decidedly primitive at the moment, but give me December to set up the necessary stuff so that you can advertise here for free. In the meantime, do add your comments and suggestions.

Don’t forget the Map of Seletar Residential Area on December 8th with special discounts only on that day (21 Hyde Park Gate 3-6pm)

And tell us if you can come to the 2007-2008 New Year’s Eve Party!

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