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Posted by susanamy on October 5, 2008

Dear friends and residents, if you would like a bound copy of the Seletar Chronicle from its inaugural edition until its last, please email me at

I have a few left of the only Seletar map, the limited edition prints by Isabelle Desjeux. Hurry to secure your copy.

I also have some copies of her delightful Seletar Nature notebooks with postcards at the back, as well as a few sets of Seletar nature greetings cards.

There won’t be another chance after November to get these, so please contact me now. Sue


3 Responses to “Seletar Chronicles 2001-2008”

  1. Julian said

    My name is Julian and as a young child I lived in three park lane before it was changed into the golf house. When i lived there, there were no tennis courts and i have such nice memories off it. I understand that an artist may have done some prints of the home – is this true? Are any available or phots of the history.
    Kind regards

    • Sue Amy said

      Hi Julian

      I realise I may not have replied to you and I am very sorry about that. How wonderful to have lived there! In my time, it was a swimming and tennis club and I dreamed of running it myself. I am not sure of its fate now. Could I find out where you live? Some of your snapshots would be wonderful – we could scan them and put them on this website. If you could email me at susan.amy181@gmail, I could send you some more recent photos of 3 Park Lane.
      And how about joining the RAF Seletar Association? They are an active community who meet regularly and sometimes make trips to Singapore. Their newsletter is always crammed with stories and pictures of the RAF Seletar days.

      Warm wishes


  2. simone said

    Hello sue
    My name is simone I lived at Number 21 hyde park gate when i was a kid loved it. We went to seleter october 2011 and its all blocked off ready to be demolished. Does anyone have a photo of this house? So sad! thankyou its such a beautiful area. memories

    yours sincerely


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