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Posted by sueamy on January 3, 2008

Dear residents and Seletar Camp admirers, happy new year 2008!

Although this is slated to be our last, we are determined to make the most of this beautiful environment while it is still here. But first, the bad news. It has always been our policy at the Seletar Chronicle to look on the bright side of things – because there always is a brighter side. However, we can’t overlook the bulldozers creating a hill of mud over on the golf course, nor at the site of the demolished hangar next to Haymarket. And now a couple of other serious things have so continuously been brought to our attention that we felt it necessary to write about them.

Many of you may have noticed an increasing number of tissues, used condoms and packets and other litter left by night visitors in cars. One resident even saw a couple doing it in his front garden! This kind of intrusion and litter we really don’t need. The police have been told, but can we urge you all to call the police whenever you a strange car parked in front of your house at night? In addition, we are considering organising a vigilante group that from time to time (esp weekends) patrols the camp around 2-3am. This is not to confront the unwelcome visitors directly, but to alert the police when they are seen. Please help by calling the police when you see such activities. The number to call is (Sengkang Police Post) 1800-3438999

The other bad news is also a police case. Since last year, the Chronicle has had several calls and has heard rumours of other cases concerning someone who has been stealing underwear from Seletar Camp washing lines. It might sound harmless to you, until you think about someone watching your house and coming into your garden, perhaps when you are alone in the house. Again, the police have been alerted, but we ask all residents to keep an eye out for an odd individual with a perverted interest in these items.

And now for the good news – phew. Many residents enjoyed a wonderful new year party in the camp – where better to celebrate the new year. Going around the camp that night, it was delightful to see all the lights and gatherings in gardens and the merriment. Xavier and Sue’s joint party at Haymarket saw all generations hopping onto the dance floor, and the champagne flowed! This was the night for celebrating exuberantly the wonders of Seletar. The night was clear and breezy and the stars were visible in our broad sky. And residents gave one another especially meaningful hugs – how much longer will our community be allowed to stay together, we wondered. We also welcomed Graham and Michelle of Haymarket, who have come to live in the camp for this last year.

To keep up the exuberance, and to show all those not living in the camp what a fine place this is, we’ve lined up quite a few events for 2008, which you will be hearing about shortly. Two dates to mark on your calendar will be Chinese New Year, when we’re planning another big garden party at Xavier’s or Sue and Oliver’s, and an Easter weekend with fairs, walks, talks and competitions. If you’d like to take part in either, do get in touch and let us know. Tel 91057778.

And last but not least, we would like to remember those residents we have lost in 2007. Those who, because of the changes – the end of the camp as we know it, and those whose rents were vastly increased during the price hikes. And especially those who left on their last journey, dear Khattar and John, both of whom felt that Seletar was their real home. Our thoughts are with their families during this painful time. Be comforted knowing that so many people in the camp had great affection for them.

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